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Freqently Asked Questions

  1. Functions and Bookings
  2. Mikvah
  3. Eruv  

Functions and Bookings

To book a Seudah or Kiddush please write your name on the booking list. The booking list is located on the information board in the shule foyer. For simcha bookings or other special requirements contact the office at least 2 weeks prior to the event and please arrange payment prior to the booking date.

Kiddush Cost

Standard Kiddush - $160

Includes Dips and Crackers, Cakes, Vegetables, Soft Drinks and Water. 

Medium Kiddush - $260

Includes increased quantities of the Standard

Simcha Kiddush - $660

Includes the Standard, plus presentation, Fried Fish, Fruit Platters, Kichel and Herring.

Simcha Kiddush (with extra Shule guests) - $870

Includes increased quantities of the Simcha Kiddush, plus 2 sides of Smoked Salmon

Seudah Cost - $85

Includes Challot, Pretzels, Tuna and Mayonnaise, Assorted Dips, Soft Drinks and Water. Both Kiddush and Seudah include overheads such as disposable cups, forks, serviettes and plastic plates. You can supply your own food and drink above and beyond the fee paid to the shule for the kiddush or seudah. All food and drink must be purchased from a licensed Kosher outlet with a suitable Hechsher. If in doubt consult the Rabbi.

Other charges
All functions other than Kiddush and seudah will attract a function fee of $1
00 for members and $200 for non-members, payable at time of booking. Members or non-members who wish to use the Shule to celebrate their functions should be aware that on most Sundays, the Shule has a standing booking for Cheder / Yeshivah Ketana from 9:00AM - 11:00AM and in the afternoon from 4:00PM - 7:00PM. They should therefore schedule any celebrations to be between 11:00AM and 4:00PM.

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The only mikvah in Perth serving the entire community is located within the grounds of The Perth Hebrew Congregation on Freedman Rd Menora.

The recent refurbishment offers a modern facility for spiritual immersion approved by the leading halachic authorities.

A group of dedicated volunteers staff the mikvah on a daily basis to ensure flexibility and consistency with visiting times.

A roster is updated and published each week in our newsletter.

Please contact the relevant person at least 48 hours before to make an appointment.

Please contact the PHC office to arrange tevilat keilim (placing new dishes in the mikvah) on 08 9271 0539.

There is a small charge for use of the mikvah to cover running costs.

Please contact Rabbi Ari Posner if you have any halachic questions relating to the mikvah.

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Halacha prohibits touching and using certain things on Shabbat. Regarding the items that can be touched and used, Halacha prohibits these things from being carried in a public domain on Shabbat. An Eruv is an uninterrupted physical boundary line (usually a piece of string) that changes the halachic status of a public place into a shared place. Items that can be touched on Shabbat may be carried within the boundary of the completed Eruv.

When unbroken, the Eruv is referred to as, “being up.” When the Eruv boundary is broken, and therefore carrying in public is prohibited, “the Eruv is down.”  

The Perth Eruv is checked weekly by authroties on Friday. If found to be incomplete, an announcement is included in our weekly newsletter, displayed on our homepage.  

Below is a map of the current Eruv.



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