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Rabbis and Shlichim

Rabbi Marcus Solomon - Rabbi of Beit Midrash of WA (Jan 1997 - Current) 

Rabbi Marcus Solomon is the founding Rabbi of the Beit Midrash of WA and is responsible for its overall direction. Rabbi Solomon received rabbinic ordination from Central Tomchei Tmimim Yeshivah Academy in Brooklyn, New York, and is also a graduate of the Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand, in Melbourne, Victoria. Rabbi Solomon received a law degree from the University of Western Australia. Currently practicing as a barrister, he was previously a teacher of Jewish Studies at Carmel High School from 1985 to 1990 and served as director of Carmel's Jewish Studies Department from 1988 to 1990. Rabbi Solomon has served as vice president of Carmel School since 1997. Rabbi Solomon can be contacted through his administrative assistant, Nicole Williams.



Rabbi Ari Posner - Rosh Kollel Torah Mitzion Perth Yeshiva (June 2015 - Current)

Rabbi Posner lived in Perth for his upper primary and high school years, after which he left for Israel to study at the Yeshiva of Beit El and then at Yeshivat Har Etzion in Gush Etzion. During this time, Rabbi Posner also became certified as a Sofer STa”M and Magiha. Rabbi Posner returned to Perth in 2008 where he continued studying, while at the same time teaching in the Shule’s Cheder / Yeshiva Ketana program for which he wrote a comprehensive curriculum from Kindy to Year 12 and working in community security. Rabbi Posner received a Bachelor of Engineering in mechatronic engineering and semicha from HaRav Zalman Nechamia Goldberg Shlit”a. Rabbi Posner is currently the Rosh Kollel for the Beit Midrash of Western Australia and Rabbi at Dianella Shule.

Ester & Gilad Lavi - Bnei Akiva Shlichim (October 2016 - Current) 





Tzevet 5778

Ronnie Kohn

Ronnie learned in Yeshivat HaGolan and served in Modi'in Sada. Ronnie likes to scuba dive and play sport, and lives in Netanya when not being a shaliach in Perth, Australia. 

Ariel Green

Ariel hails from Mitzpe Ramon and studied in yeshiva in Ramot, Yerushalayim. Ariel served in Shiryon Armed Corps and enjoys surfing, playing saxophone, horses and chilling!

Shachar Amrusi

Shachar likes to play the harmonica and go fishing, as well as learn Torah (of course). He served as an officer in Givati and studied in Yeshivat Acco.

Amitai Keller

Amitai learned in Minat Eli and served in Golani in the army. He lives in Givat Shmuel and loves learning just about anything as well as playing just about any sport.

Shira Zalut

Shira completed two years of National Service and then spent a year learning in the midrasha of Migdal Oz. She enjoys learning, listening to music, crocheting and hanging out with friends.

Shira Lloyd

Shira comes to Perth from her home in Yishuv Chashmonaim. She learned in Midreshet Lindenbaum in a pre-army program, and served in the Air Force as a Patriot Missile instructor. She loves being outside, trying and learning new things and eating ice cream (but who doesn't!)

Noa Rabhun

Noa comes from Hoshaaya and served as a tour guide in Kfar Etzion field school in the army. She likes to read, learn about history, go horse-back riding and play sports.




























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