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About Us

The Beit Midrash of WA (Inc) is an institution of Jewish learning. The primary purpose of the BMWA is to provide a facility for Jewish education for people of all ages, within the framework of Orthodox Judaism. In achieving that objective, the BMWA operates the following facilities:

1. The Perth Yeshivah (known as the Torah Mitzion Perth Yeshivah) - an institute of higher Jewish learning providing full and part-time courses of study and tutorial opportunities chavrutot for students of all ages based primarily at the BMWA facility, but also at other shules and venues.

2.The Cheder / Yeshivah Ketana Program; a comprehensive program for school-aged children in advanced Jewish studies, focussing on a Yeshivah (or Torani) curriculum.The program takes place on weekends, after school hours and during school holidays.

3. A comprehensive program of Shiurim and other educational opportunities both in conjunction with and independently of the Perth Yeshivah.

4. A comprehensive Judaica library available for public use.

5. Synagogue facilities, generally known as Dianella Shule, including daily services, Shabbat and Yom Tov services, and programs with special emphasis on youth and community participation / training.

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